National Amila

The National Amila’s sole purpose is to create an organizational structure that instills the spirit of sacrifice and service to Allah into its membership. Every member serving has been appointed due to his extraordinary qualities of service, sacrifice, and faith for the progress of Ahmadiyyat and the institution of Khilafat. The National Amila consists of 30+ department heads that sacrifice time from their schooling, jobs, and families to ensure that the love of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyyat and the morals of Islam Ahmadiyyat are instilled in its membership.

Sadr Sahib

Bilal Rana

Serving as Sadr MKA USA
Rizwan Ahmad Naib Sadr V

Rizwan Ahmad

Serving as Naib Sadr III

Chris Janney

Serving as Muavin Sadr

Sohaib Awan

Serving as Muavin Sadr and Chairman MASQ
Intisar Malihi Sanat-o-Tijarat Mohtamim

Intisar Malhi

Serving as Mohtamim Atfal
Mirza Harris Ahmed Mohtamim Atfal

Mirza Harris Ahmad

Serving as Mohtamim Umur-e-Tulaba

Waqar Bajwa

Serving as Mohtamim Maal

Faran Rabbani

Serving as Mohtamim Tabligh
Ashfaq Khan

Ashfaq Khan

Serving as Mohtamim Tarbiyyat

Imam Rizwan Khan

Serving as Mohtamim Tehrik-e-Jadid

Taimur Khan

Serving as Mohtamim Muqami

Hibbi Iqbal

Serving as Regional Qaid Virginia

Usama Awan

Serving as Regional Qaid Great Lakes

Camil Cermovic

Serving as Regional Qaid Northeast
Akmal Ahmad Regional Qaid Southern California

Akmal Ahmad

Serving as Regional Qaid Southwest

Zeshan Hamid

Serving as Naib Sadr I

Lamin Sanjang

Serving as Naib Sadr IV and Muhtamim Muqami
Harris Zafar Mauvin Sadr III

Harris Zafar

Serving as Muavin Sadr

Salaam Bhatti

Serving as Muavin Sadr
Khalid Bhatti Mo’Tamid

Khalid Bhatti

Serving as Motamid

Talha Saifi

Serving as Mohtamim Isha'at
Zarik Khan Tehrik-e-Jadid Mohtamim

Zarik Khan

Serving as Mohtamim Sanat-o-Tijarat

Ibrahim Chaudhry

Serving as Mohtamim Tajneed

Haris Raja

Serving as Addl. Mohtamim Tarbiyyat

Ahmed Bajwa

Serving as Mohtamim Umoomi

Saeed Chaudhry

Serving as Regional Qaid Gulf

Hamid Malik

Serving as Regional Qaid Midwest

Mohamed Aslam

Serving as Regional Qaid New York Metro

Tahir Lubis

Serving as Regional Qaid Northwest
Affan Abullah Naib Sadr Philadelphia

Affan Abdullah

Serving as Naib Sadr II

Muhammad Ahmad

Serving as Naib Sadr V
Mohsin Amjed Mohtamim Isha’at

Mohsin Amjed

Serving as Serving as Muavin Sadr

Dr. Yameen Khalil

Serving as Muavin Sadr & MASQ Chairman
Naem Mohamed Mauvin Sadr I

Naem Mohamed

Serving as Muhasib
Madeel Abdullah Khidmat-e-Khlaw Mohtamim

Madeel Abdullah

Serving as Mohtamim Khidmat-e-Khalq

Usman Jamil

Serving as Mohtamim Sehat-e-Jismani
Yasir Mirza Mohtamim Taleem

Yasir Mirza

Serving as Mohtamim Taleem

Umair Ahmed

Serving as Mohtamim Tarbiyyat Nau Moba'een

Niaz Butt

Serving as Mohtamim Waqar-e-Amal

Mumtaz Ahmad

Serving as Regional Qaid East
Sarmad Chaudhary

Sarmad Chaudhry

Serving as Regional Qaid Missouri River

Safeer Bhatti

Serving as Regional Qaid Southeast

Usman Jamil

Serving as Regional Qaid Maryland