Membership, Record Keeping, Enrollment


The Department

The purpose of this department is to ensure that the Tajneed database containing the information of every Khadim is current and maintained. The Mohtamim is responsible for reconciling the enrollment management data and procedures.

  • 2016-2017 Goals

    • 100% accurate tajneed numbers for all majalis and regions
    • 100% complete contact information for active members (address, phone, email)
    • 100% complete and accurate:DOB, schooling, waqfenau, wasiyyat
    • 100% of active and inactive members verified/reviewed every quarter and noted by local nazim tajneed as to why it isn’t complete and accurate.
    • Provide a plan and strategy for very large majalis that cannot be split because of the jamaat.
    • Collect additional tajneed facts that might benefit other departments e.g. students vs working, professional field, job history, education history and collect that data on an ongoing basis.
    • Produce training materials for local and regional nazimeen: presentations, documents, videos
    • Document long term tajneed objectives and definitions e.g. what defines an active vs inactive khadim? Metric to simplify things like majlis data accuracy, completion, and updated percentages etc.
    • Define and document long term statistics that could help gauge the health and progress of the majlis year after year. This may extend to other departments if constitutionally allowed.

Ibrahim Chaudhry