Tarbiyyat Nau-Mobaeen

Bai’at, Integration,Training

Training of New Converts

The Department

The Tarbiyyat Nau-Mobaeen department creates a healthy space for Ahmadi Muslim converts who are members of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya (Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association). Through a gradual encouragement and community building process, new members are gradually transitioned into Islamic lifestyle and etiquettes.

  • 2014 Goals

    • Engage every New Ahmadi. Introduce them to and leard them down the three yearly stages.
    • Get an active list of every New Ahmadi and work towards a monthly conference call.

Achraf Issam

Achraf Issam was born in Marrakech, Morocco. He is a convert to Ahmadiyyat along with some of his family in Morocco. He is on his last year of Undergraduate studies at Providence College with a BS in Quantitative Economics. He plans to pursue a PhD in Development Economics. He loves to play and watch almost any sports with a preference for football (soccer) and basketball. Avid reader and writer and speaks 5 languages. Really honored and excited to be a new member of the National Amila!


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Faaiz Shams

Naib Mohtamim Tarbiyyat


  •   Abdul Hai Thomas – Jacksonville, Florida   In July 1991 and November 1992 I begged my mother to take me to see ‘Boyz n the Hood’ and ‘Malcolm X’. Although hesitant to let a 9-10 year old watch violent movies, she agreed to take me as long she “covered [my] eyes during the bad parts”. However, I wasn’t interested in the violence or the bad parts, I was intrigued by the cultural and societal implications of the stories. After watching those two movies, four scenes left indelible impressions on me: 1) Furious Styles taking Tre and Ricky to Compton and telling them about gentrification 2) Ricky being killed by gang violence 3) Malcolm X struggling to fall to his knees in submission 4) Malcolm X’s pilgrimage to Mecca In connecting these scenes, even as a young child, I knew that Islam was the remedy. In that theater in Dayton, Ohio, November 1992, Allah Almighty chose me. I turned to......