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Umur-e-Talabah (Student Affairs) promotes academic excellence among Khuddam across America, and provides support in all areas of student life (academic advising, applications, scholarships, social guidance, etc.). The Department has several exciting goals, including the launch of and supporting Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Associations (“AMSA”) on campus. If you’re a student have any kind of question or need, contact your local nazim Umur-e-Talabah today! Follow us on Twitter at @AMSA_USA (external) and @Muslim_Students (internal).

  • 2016-2017 Goals

    • Promote a culture of academic excellence among Atfal and Khuddam
    • Support AMSA registrations and promote on‑campus activities
    • Organize first annual “AMSA National Day of Service”
    • Host academic fairs for Atfal and Khuddam at regional ijtema‘at (may
      include panelists from various professional fields)
    • Establish the AMYA Young Scholar Award
    • Develop Umur‑e‑Tulaba one‑pagers for local use: documents explaining
      fields of study and prestigious awards (Rhodes Scholarship, McArthur
      Fellowship, Fulbright Program etc.)

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Usama Malik

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