MKA FIT – 30 Day Health Challenge

الله يأمرنا أن نأكل الطعام الذي هو حلال و طيب

Allah enjoins us to eat food that is halal (lawful) and tayyab (wholesome and pure).

Nowadays, it seems that almost every food that comes with an ingredients list on it is likely to be laden with extra sugar, fat, salt, and preservatives.

What would happen if you went for an entire month making healthy food choices?

Ready to take the MKA FIT – Health Challenge?

*Local Majlis with the most pledges will be awarded a $200 Gift Certificate from MKA.

” O ye men! Eat of what is lawful and good in the earth; and follow not the footsteps of Satan, surely he is to you an open enemy ” (2:169)