A Week Of Brotherhood

With the COVID-19 Pandemic quarantining many Khuddam to their homes, and effectively postponing many of our MKA events, Khuddam have begun to feel a sense of emptiness, lack of motivation, and even loneliness. MKA is here to help!

MKA will be holding a week-long online program, from April 5th-12th, an online “Ijtema” of sorts. The program will kick off with the opening session on April 5th at 3:00 PM EST and run through April 12th, concluding with the closing session chaired by Ameer Sahib.

Each day there will be 2 interactive programs on topics relevant to Khuddam, in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These daily sessions will run Monday-Saturday, the first being at 7:00 PM EST and the second at 9:00 PM EST, daily. You can find more information using the flyer attached below or by visiting our website.

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