An Interview with Qaid Central Virgina

Every year at Jalsa the best majalis are recognized for the work they have done based on the criteria set forth by the Alme Inaami committee. The Majalis are divided into groups based on their size and this year’s winners included the following:

Large Majalis        Medium Majalis           Small Majalis
1) Central Virginia     1) Austin                              1) St. Paul
2) Queens                   2) Chicago Northwest       2) Sacramento
3) South Virginia      3) Ft. Worth                        3) OshKosh

We sat down with Qaid Central Virgina and asked him a few questions about winning the Alme Inaami and about his Majlis.

1. Would you please tell us a little about yourself?

My Name is Ibrahim Chaudhry and I currently reside in VA. I moved from Pakistan at the age 13 to Virginia. Over the years, Allah has blessed me with the opportunity to serve Jama’at in various capacities and most recent and currently as Qaid Majlis for Central VA.

2. How long have you been Qaid of Central Virginia and who were the previous Qaideen?

This is the 4th year I have the blessed opportunity to serve the majlis as Qaid majlis. Previously, Saud Iqbal sahib, Mujeeb Chowdhary sahib, Fakhr Ghumman sahib has served in this capacity.

3. Introduce us to Central Virginia Majlis? How many Khuddam you have, young or older, any interesting facts?

Central Virginia has close to 100 khuddam and 42 Atfal. We have a very dynamic group of khuddam and atfal. Even though with the size of this majlis, we have a wide range of khuddam of various age groups.

4. How did you find out / what was going through your mind when you got the call from Sadr Sahib?

Actually Naib Mohtamid sahib had reached out to me mentioning that we had won the large majlis award and specifying the details to me. At this point, it was still very surreal and I could not believe that it was official, but when I received the call from Sadr sahib, I felt extremely humbled and honored to receive Alme Inami, all I requested Sadr sahib was to keep us in his prayers and may Allah enable us to do a lot more.

5. What does it take to win an Alme Inaami? What are your core strengths?

Honestly throughout the year, even though the alme inaami standings were shared throughout the year, I still wasn’t concerned how the numbers are calculated. All I believe was that as Qaid and the amila we need to make sure give our 100% at all times and commit on doing events consistently throughout the year. I believe consistency and being persistent helped us lead the majlis towards Alme Inaami.

6. Tell us something memorable about the last MKA year?

It’s hard to specify a particular event, but the most memorable thing to remember was brotherhood that we experienced in the majlis throughout the year at various events such as serving at soup kitchens, helping out with khidmat-e-khalq activities, hosting national events, visiting Hazoor (aba)  with our fellow khuddam etc…all these were amazing opportunities for us to bond together and increase in spirituality and build our connection with Khilafat.

7. Can  you list a few things you were able to accomplish?

Alhumdolillah we have been able to establish a strong core group in the majlis, which majlis can continue to lean on and grow. Consistent activities throughout the year, getting more khuddam involved in the majlis and their connection with jamaat Alhumdolillah.

8. Be honest, were you kind of expecting to win Alme Inaami?

Well, at one point yes as we were getting monthly standings and Alhumdoillah CVA was ranking high each month. But this is something that we never set our goal in the start of the year and merely with blessings of Allah, we are honored with this award.

9. What advice do you have for Qaideen, especially new Qaideen?

Try to befriend as many khuddam as possible, give your 200% each and everyday and write to Hazoor (aba) for prayers.

10. What are your goals for your Majlis next year? And what challenges do you foresee?

Insha’Allah goals are to continue to engage as many khuddam as possible within the majlis, increase congregational salat at the masjid and continue to host consistent events to give khuddam an opportunity to participate. The challenge is to keep the amila motivated and continue growing Insha’Allah

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