covid-19 recommendations

Below are recommendations from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) regarding the Coronavirus. After you have made preparations, take refuge in patience and prayers.1. Follow Directives From Government and Health Departments
“We must all adhere to the precautionary measures that are set out by governments and the health departments.”

2. Homeopathic medicine for Coronavirus“From the outset, after consultation with some homoeopaths, I advised about the use of certain homoeopathic remedies, as a precautionary measure as well as for treatment. May Allah the Almighty grant cure through them.”

3. Avoid Crowds
“it is advised that you should avoid large gatherings. People coming to the mosque should err on the side of caution.”

4. Rights of the Mosque
“There are certain etiquettes of the mosque, among them is that if one is suffering from something such as a contagious illness – which can affect others – they should avoid coming to the mosque.”

5. Cover Your Mouth While Sneezing/Coughing
“Even in normal circumstances one should cover their mouth with a handkerchief while sneezing, and particularly in these days.”

6. Physical Hygiene/Ablution
“One preventative measure mentioned by the Doctors is that one’s hands and mouth should always be clean. If one’s hands are unclean, they should not touch their face, or ensure that they use hand sanitizers or they should wash their hands regularly. However, for a Muslim–as is in our case–who pray five times a day and also perform the ablution in the correct manner, which includes cleaning the nose with water, etc, then this high standard of hygiene is such that it can compensate the shortage of sanitizers.”

7. Avoid Handshakes
“Furthermore, it is being advised that one should refrain from shaking hands and this is also extremely important, as one does not know what the hands are contaminated with.”

8. Focus on Prayers
“…It is all more critically essential to turn towards Allah the Almighty and every Ahmadi, in these days, should pay special attention towards prayers and enhancing their spiritual condition. Also, we should pray for the world at large, may Allah guide them.”

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