Additional Tarbiyyat

Educate, Train, Encourage

Moral training for righteous marriages

The Department

The Additional Tarbiyyat department encourages khuddam to understand the union of marriage and the importance of marrying within the jama’at

  • 2020-2021 Goals

    • Maintain the Tajnid of all Khuddam who are at the age of marriage or approaching the age of marriage or are unmarried on a monthly basis 
    • Arrange sessions with unmarried khuddam on topics
    • Educate parents of atfal and unmarried khuddam on various topics
    • Publish article on various platforms of MKA on topics of timely marriages, marriage within Jama’at and the institution of marriage with Jama’at
    • Promote the book of Domestic issues and their solutions among khuddam members
    • Work with MTA in organizing programs related to the youth and educations regarding marriages
    • Work in coordination with the department of Rishta Nata to come up with ways to increase interest and participations from Khuddam in Rishta Nata system

Rahman Nasir

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