Sacrifice, Accountability, Budgeting


The Department

The Maal department supervises the monetary affairs of MKA USA. The Maal department reminds us all about the importance of financial sacrifice, and ensures monetary efficiency and collective effort in spreading the message of Islam.

  • 2016-2017 Goals

    • 100% collections
    • 90% participation
    • Income budget submission by the Maal’s specified deadline

Chanda Calculator

I make $ a

You make $ a year, so you should pay $ for Chanda Ijtema, $ for Chanda Majlis, for a total of $.

If you want to pay monthly, that would be $ for Chanda Ijtema every month, $ for Chanda Majlis every month, for a monthly total of $.

Waqar Bajwa


Zahid Yousaf

Naib Mohtamim I

Syed Saad

Naib Mohtamim II

Uthman Momen

Naib Mohtamim III