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Health & Fitness

The Department

Sehat-e-Jismani is here to make you fit. From organizing sporting events such as MIST and Ijtema competitions, to creating new physical fit initiatives, Sehat-e-Jismani will give you the best physical body to hold your spiritual one.

  • 2016-2017 Goals

    • Nazim Sehat Jismani shall adopt plans concerning general health, and impart important information in this respect to the members of the Jama`at
    • The department shall endeavor to introduce different sports and physical exercises among the members of the Jama`at

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Masroor International Basketball Tournament

Usman Jamil

Mr. Usman was born in Fairfax, Virginia and grew up in Montgomery County, MD. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems Management and is in the process of completing his Masters in Sports Management and Physical Sciences. Usman currently works as an Computer Technology Teacher and Basketball Coach for Montgomery County Public Schools. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, reading, traveling, food and most importantly providing love and support to his wife and two daughters (Zaara and Alizeh) at home.


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  • Humayun Ahmed is Sehet-e-Jismani’s first Student-Athlete Spotlight A dedicated, 21 year-old Khadim from Austin, TX, Humayun enjoys playing soccer recreation-ally and competitively, having earned his way into the Varsity soccer team when he was in high school. As both a successful student and devoted athlete, Humayun urges Khuddam to be determined toward their goals: “Work hard in what you are good at, even if you lose games it’s the effort that really counts.” Following his own advice, he began playing soccer in 8th grade and remained dedicated to the sport until high school, where he was awarded the Varsity Letter Award as a sophomore and junior. Humayun promises to continue playing this sport with friends for the rest of his life and encourages his fellow aspiring student-athletes to “go out there and play your heart out.”  ...

  • What: In an effort to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, Sehatejismani Department has created an event called MKA FIT Pedometer Challenge. This free pedometer challenge is designed to encourage Khadims to get up and get moving in a fun, supportive manner. Participants will have an opportunity to earn FREE MKA FIT Apparel and are encouraged to jog/run/walk as many steps as they can each day. Prizes are awarded upon milestones reached, rather than being based on the most steps taken to encourage people of all fitness levels. When: Rolling registrationWho: Any Khadim How: Purchase a Fitbit Pedometer – Be added to MKA’s National Fit Bit Group by emailing a request to   Walk/Run/Jog with your pedometer to increase your overall mileage count. NOTE: Khuddam may choose to use any type of pedometer. (Nike Fuel Band, Cell Phone, etc..)  Prize Distribution:  Simply visit our MKA FIT Bazaar at any of the following National MKA Events:  Ijtema, Shura, USA......