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Faith Outreach

The Department

The Tabligh department ensures that Khuddam convey the message of Islam throughout the community. The Mohtamim Tabligh is charged with creating programs that engage, motivate and inspire Khuddam to take the message of Islam to a wider audience.

  • 2018-2019 Goals

    • Create and educate 100 da’een nationwide, preferably between the ages of 15-20
    • Hold a 5-day intensive da’een training camp
    • 100 ‘Ask an Imam’ in-person events led by a khadim Imam with the general public
    • 100 ‘Ask an Imam’ online sessions on Periscope and Facebook Live
    • Hold 300 face-to-face tabligh events nationwide – flyer distribution, I am a Muslim Ask me Anything, tabligh stalls, and Holy Quran exhibitions
    • 200 ‘Meet A Muslim’ (MAM) events (prisons, places of worship, police/fire department)
    • Make 250 new tabligh contacts in the year
    • Online tabligh – weekly social media posts and interactions by da’een
    • 50 da’een to each develop 1000+ followers on Twitter

Imam Abdullah Dibba


Qasim Rashid

Naib Mohtamim

Maaz Bajwa

Naib Mohtamim

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Naib Mohtamim

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