Preparation, Prudence, Protection

General/Internal Affairs

The Department

The Umoomi department responds to the targeted needs of the majlis as directed by the Sadr. A core goal is the proper preparation for natural and other potential disasters.  The Mohtamim works to ensure that the majlis is ready and responsive.

  • 2018-2019 Goals

    • Provide in person training to local Nazimeen via Regional Umoomi Training Conference.  Trainings will cover defensive tactics, de escalation techniques gathering intel/surveillance, crowd control, creating/implementing local mosque security/evacuation/disaster preparedness plans, how to create contacts in local police departments.  Training session includes a short written and practical exam.
    • Regional Nazimeen Umoomi will visit the majalis in their respective regions to offer security/evacuations assessments of the moque/centers
    • Ensure that local/regional/national events have a security presence using their respective resources
    • Track and record all incidents reported to the Umoomi dept and provide follow up actions
    • Create a quarterly Umoomi newsletter that highlights recent events, upcoming events and local majalis that are performing well
    • Provide feedback on Qaid monthly reports

Erfan Ahmad