Preparation, Prudence, Protection

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The Department

The Umoomi department responds to the targeted needs of the majlis as directed by the Sadr. A core goal is the proper preparation for natural and other potential disasters.  The Mohtamim works to ensure that the majlis is ready and responsive.

  • 2017-2018 Goals

    • Organized Event Security – To make sure that our premises are secured during Jumma, Eid, and other events in an organized manner.
    • Emergency and Disaster Preparedness – Prepare for emergency in coordination with local Jama’at
    • Creating/Updating Local Teams – Encourage to create a team of dedicated people in each majlis/chapter committed to serve at local, regional and national events including National Ijtema and Jalsa Salana.
    • Record of Incidents – Keep track of all incidents as reported by various sources and do follow up actions.
    • Understanding local and National Threat Level – Encouraging Majalis to keep track of crime reports in the area around mosque by using local police crime reports and meeting them. Also Majalis should keep track of severe weather events including hurricane, snow etc.
    • Providing in person and online training to local Nazmeen followed by video conference calls by National team member to assess the Mosque area, discussing local implementation details and providing guidance to problem faced.
    • Updating the database of all the locations where Jumma is offered with all the Umoomi relevant details.

Liaquat Ali

Mohtamim Umoomi