Food for the Soul (#6)

“The true purpose of this scheme (Tehrik-e-Jadid)…is for Allah’s oneness to be sustained in the world, for Islam to be propagated, to be able to provide a proper response to the objections of the enemies of Islam, and to [help] create an example of true Islamic civilization in the world. Also, for those Muslims that have fallen into disgrace due to bad desires, they should be lifted up and shown the example of the Jama’at–based on the practice of Islamic teachings. The world should see that truly, these are the people whose manner of living is in the right way. As a result of this realization, peace will spread in the world and society will indeed be destined for paradise.”
–Maulana Naseer Ahmad Qamar Sb, Additional Vakeel-ul-Isha’at London – Rah-e-Huda Program, July 2, 2011 (Translated from Urdu).


Last year during Ramadan, the MKA USA department of Tehrik e Jadid began sending out snippets of food for the soul that reminded us of the blessings of the historic scheme of Tehrik e Jadid and financial sacrifice in general. Inshallah, as we spend the month in reflection, meditation, and fasting, we are continuing the tradition again this year. To view last year’s archives, click here.

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