Have You Paid According To Your Income?

“Whoever parts with some of his wealth for the sake of Allah, will surely get it back. But he who loves his wealth and doesn’t serve in the way of Allah as he should, will surely lose his wealth. Do not ever imagine that your wealth comes of your own effort, no, it comes from Allah Almighty. And do not ever imagine that you do a favor to Allah or his Appointed One by offering your money or helping in any other way. Rather it is His favor upon you that he calls you to this service.”
-(Promised Messiah, Majmuah Ishtaharat Vol 3 Pg. 497)

“If you acquire more income after the Budget has been drawn, you must not continue paying according to the Budget. Rather you must pay in relation to the blessings which Allah has showered upon you. If our dealings with Allah are straightforward, He, being the All-Hearing and All-Knowing, will hear our prayer all the more. And if there is anything which we need for this age and for ourselves, it is the mercy and blessings of Allah and prayers which find acceptance at His threshold. So I beseech you that, for your prayers to be accepted, it is important that you keep your dealings with Allah clear.”
-Khalifatul Masih V (Friday Sermon June 06, 2003)

The Promised Messiah (as) makes it clear to us that parting with our wealth for the sake of God guarantees that you will see a return on your offering. Furthermore, Huzoor (aba) shows us to give our chanda on our current income, not simply on a budget that we had created originally.

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