How to Lead Eid Prayer at Home

Dear Khuddam and Atfal,
Assalamo Alaikum

I hope all of you are safe and well. I wanted to wish each of you an Eid Mubarak. This Eid will be different than any Eid we’ve held before. You will not be able to attend Eid prayers at the Mosque or get together with friends or extended family. I want each of you to try to create a special day at home. Make your homes like Mosques. Get yourself and families ready for Eid. Decorate your homes and make it special for your children, spouses and/or parents.

I am attaching a video from Murabbi Faran Rabbani showing us how to lead Eid Prayers at home.

I hope and pray that we will be allowed to get back to our Mosques soon.

I also would like to ask each of you to pray for our beloved Hazoor Anwar (aba) and the entire Jamaat across the world.

Jazakamullah Ahsanal Jazah
Madeel Abdullah
Serving as Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya USA

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