It’s time to submit your MKA budget for this year (2020)

Normally, the budgets for the current year are collected before the year starts but this year we are late. We are in 3rd month of the year (Nov-Oct) and a lot of Khuddam have still not submitted their budgets. The MKA constitution requires every Khadim to submit their chanda budget (i.e. your pledge based on your income). 

MKA Chanda rate is 1.2083% of your net income for earning khuddam and $60 per year for unemployed khuddam. This includes both chanda majlis and ijtema. Everyone must submit their budget regardless of their earning status.

Submit your budget now. Those who are unable to pay according to prescribed rate are advised to apply for chanda remission rather than submitting an inaccurate budget. You will get the option to request a lower rate (with a reason) at the end of the budget form.

why is it important to submit an accurate budget?

Submit Budget

*please note: The MKA Chanda is not the only chanda you have to pay. All earning Khuddam are also obligated to pay Chanda Aam and Jalsa Salana as well (Wasiyyat if you are a moosi). There is a separate budget form to submit budget for those. Here is a summary of some of the main chandajat. Please note that we (MKA) only collect Chanda Majlis and Ijtema.

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