Khalifa of Islam Addresses Ijtema 2013

O Evergreen Saplings of the Promised Messiah (ʿalayhi as-salām)

Assalaamo alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa burakatohu

Most fortunate are those who are have recognized the Promised Messiah (ʿalayhi as-salām) as the Imam of the Age and have joined his community. Therefore, make pure changes within yourself and guide others to do good works. Adhere to the teachings of the Promised Messiah (ʿalayhi as-salām) with complete sincerity so that you can be the practical role models of love and sincerity to the Promised Messiah (ʿalayhi as-salām). The Promised Messiah (ʿalayhi as-salām) stated in his booklet ‘The Will’ that when I depart, you will witness the Second Manifestation which shall remain with you always. We have witnessed the fulfillment of Allah’s promise about Khilafat. I want to, therefore, remind you that you should create a strong bond with Khilafat. Remember that all your success is inter-twined with Khilafat. God Almighty has granted you spiritual leadership and endowed you with an Imam. The fact of the matter is that it is not possible to find a parallel of the relationship of love and affection between the Khalifa of the time and the community in other worldly relations. It is this very love that penetrates and flourishes in a community of believers. This love requires that you should raise the standards of your obedience to a high level. Obey the matters that come to you from the Khalifa of the time and refrain from things that are forbidden by him. Obey your office holders and deal with them with respect and in a polite manner.

The Promised Messiah also states: Let it be abundantly clear that a mere verbal pledge has no value unless it is supported by a genuine and firm resolve to live up to it in every way. Therefore, whoever fully lives up to my teaching, he alone enters that house of mine with reference to which Allah has promised that I shall Myself protect all those who are in this house. (Ruhani Khazain Vol. 19 p. 12) Observe your prayers with regularity and as far as possible in congregation. Recite a portion of the Holy Quran every day. Follow in the footsteps of the teaching of the Holy Prophet (ṣall Allāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) and try to adhere to the truth in your everyday life always. Spread the message of Islam by setting a good example to your contacts. Finally I pray that your Annual Ijtima’a is a great success and that all those who attend it are endowed the blessings promised to the Promised Messiah (ʿalayhi as-salām) and that the teachings that you learn through this spiritual gathering remains with you forever. May you continue to excel in good works and may Allah find you in a better condition than the day you first arrived at this Ijtima’a. Allah be with you and make you the beneficiaries of His countless blessings. Amin

Khalifatul Masih V

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