Khuddamul Ahmadiyyah’s Walk on Capitol Hill

On a bright and sunny morning two buses full of Khuddam made a historic trip to our nation’s capital, Washington DC on Friday, May 30 to meet with the American lawmakers under the special direction and approval of Khalifatul Masih V aba. Some two hundred khuddam delegates from 70 different chapters all across the United States arrived clothed in the same uniform: black cap, black vest, black pants, white shirt, and the traditional Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya scarf. The uniform captured the attention of many observers. The event, organized by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry, was to meet with the local districts’ congressional leaders on Capitol Hill in order to inform them about MKA USA’s campaign of “Ahmadiayya Muslim Youth Fight Against Hunger in America” and seek their support to connect with other like‐minded organizations in our districts to achieve our goals.

The Queens delegation comprised of Qaid Abubakr Rana Sahib, Omer Naseer Sahib and Zulfikar Sikder Sahib, who met with Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York’s 5th district and his staff. The Congressman was personally informed about the Ahmadiayya Muslim Youth Association of Hollis, NY, our numerous humanitarian efforts as well our loyalty to the United States as a Muslim American. Mr. Meeks praised our efforts and said we were “doing God’s work.”

A press conference was held by Sadr MKA USA and his team with the media. Later, Jumma was led by Naib Sadr Basiyr Rodney in front of the Capitol Hill building on the lawn of the National Mall. Shortly thereafter, an Inaugural MKA DC Walkathon was held, where the delegation marched around the National Mall site and finished by each member giving a bag of canned food to the Capital DC Area Food Bank.

The delegates had pizza and ice cream for lunch outside the Hill and group pictures were taken in the capital’s historic sites as they made their way back to the Bait‐ur‐Rahman Masjid around 4 PM. That evening, the delegation from the different chapters enjoyed each others’ company while being treated to outdoor barbecue dinner.

The following day, three more young delegates from Queens arrived at Bait‐ur‐Rahman for the to participate in Shura: Sammar Nasir, Fahiz Nasir and Danial Ahmed. The annual MKA Majlis‐e‐Shura proceeding started at 9 AM and ended around 8 PM. The delegates were informed about the proposals from previous years as well as the procedural rules and Shura etiquettes. Four subcommittees were formed to discuss distinct proposals before breaking for lunch and salat. The subcommittees deliberated on the proposals and presented it to the Shura body, whichthen voted on each proposal. The Shura proceeding closed around 8 PM followed by dinner, salat and MKA USA Sadr election.

Zulfikar Ahsan Sikder

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