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What: In an effort to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, Sehatejismani Department has created an event called MKA FIT Pedometer Challenge. This free pedometer challenge is designed to encourage Khadims to get up and get moving in a fun, supportive manner. Participants will have an opportunity to earn FREE MKA FIT Apparel and are encouraged to jog/run/walk as many steps as they can each day. Prizes are awarded upon milestones reached, rather than being based on the most steps taken to encourage people of all fitness levels.

When: Rolling registration

Who: Any Khadim


  1. Purchase a Fitbit Pedometer – www.walmart.com
  2. Be added to MKA’s National Fit Bit Group by emailing a request to usman.jamil@mkausa.org  
  3. Walk/Run/Jog with your pedometer to increase your overall mileage count.

NOTE: Khuddam may choose to use any type of pedometer. (Nike Fuel Band, Cell Phone, etc..)  
Prize Distribution:  Simply visit our MKA FIT Bazaar at any of the following National MKA Events:  Ijtema, Shura, USA Jalsa, or MIST

*Prizes are based on milestones reached. See table for breakdown:

1000 miles = MKA FIT – Half Sleeve Dri-Fit
2000 miles = MKA FIT – Full Sleeve Dri – Fit
5000 miles* = MKA FIT Track Suit


Current Leaderboard – (as of 7/24/2014)

MKA FIT - leaderboard_7_24

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