Message from Sadr Majlis

My dearest brothers,

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I pray you are having a good and meaningful Ramadan. I know this can be difficult and challenging at times but I also have seen the great blessings that have come from this month. I’m honored to know many of you and thankful I can call you my brothers.

I know we sometimes do not take the time to congratulate you on how much you’ve grown and accomplished, from passing classes to starting jobs and families. But above all else being wonderful people. 

I pray that Allah fulfills all of your good desires, that He grants you what is good in this life and the hereafter, that He accepts all the goodness you have done, and leaves your heart’s content with His Grace, and you always see His blessings in your life.

Whether we have seen each other a lot or a little, I pray this time is blessed for you, and may you have many more blessings to come. 



Madeel Abdullah
Serving as Ṣadr Majlis Khuddāmul Aḥmadiyya
United States of America

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