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The Umur-e-Tulaba department is here for you!

Whether you are a high school, college, or professional school student, the National Umur-e-Tulaba (Student Affairs) department has resources to help you achieve your academic goals! We offer services such as CV or resume review, test prep planning, connecting with a mentor, application review, essay editing, scholarship application assistance, college course planning or selection, and professional school interview preparation.

College Application Essay Editing and Review
  College essays are a great way to stand out as an applicant. The Umur-e-Tulaba department offers essay editing in which we edit essays for spelling and grammar as well as give tips on how to improve your writing to make the best impression on admissions committees. Please allow one week for essay edits to be completed.

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All students should fill out the student survey form so that the Umur-e-Tulaba department can better optimize its services to assist as many students as possible. 

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