MKA FIT – 60 Day Health Challenge

March 3rd – May 3rd, 2017

الله يأمرنا أن نأكل الطعام الذي هو حلال و طيب

Allah enjoins us to eat food that is halal (lawful) and tayyab (wholesome and pure).

In these western countries unhealthy and junk food is also very common which must be avoided. These factors must be considered and taken care of! If they are single and live by themselves, they can at least find some time for exercise while living in mission house and should know techniques of cooking healthy food. I am not only advising Jama’at members I exercise regularly on the exercise cycle/other machines and Allah Almighty is enabling him to continue it on regular basis.” – Khalifatul Masih, Mirza Masroor Ahmad


We are inshallah, 60 Days from an opportunity to stand before our beloved Hazoor in London, England. MKA USA is challenging you over the next 60 days to say “Labaaik” to Hazur e Anwar’s Friday Sermon from July 22nd 2016 by pledging to prepare our bodies to be in the best shape possible so we can maximize this unique opportunity to pray behind and stand by our beloved Hazoor. We plan to share the grand total of weight loss achieved in London during our Muleqaath with Hazoor. Rest assured that your individual information will be kept private. Department of Sehate-e-Jismani plans to send motivational videos created specifically for this 2017 London Trip MKA Fit Challenge.

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