National Ijtema Subsidy

Subsidy Announcement

As you are aware, the 2016 National Ijtema will be held from May 28-31 at the Lair of the Golden Bear and Yosemite National Park. For those utilizing a subsidy, please note the following important dates:
Book your flight by Feb 29th for $150 subsidy.
Book your flight by March 31st for $100 subsidy.
All flights booked after March 31st receive a $50 subsidy.
(Subsidy not available to Pacific Northwest or Southwest Regions; those in these regions please contact your Regional Qaid for more information) As has been mentioned in previous communications, in the spirit of brotherhood, those who do not need to use the subsidy are kindly asked not to file for one, so that we may pass those monies along to those khuddam who would otherwise be unable to attend the National Ijtema.
Tickets should be purchased so that you allow yourself enough time to get to the Lair of the Golden Bear by 12pm on May 28th. If you’re planning to arrive in the Bay Area on Friday, May 27th, accommodations will be provided to you at one of our mosques either in Baypoint or Silicon Valley. Return tickets should be made for June 1st or beyond, as we will be camping overnight on May 31st, and not planning to exit Yosemite until the morning of Wed, June 1st.
Rental car subsidy: Anyone who rents a vehicle to transport their group to/from the Ijtema sites will receive a $40 subsidy (in addition to your airfare subsidy). It doesn’t matter where you rent the vehicle from – whether it’s in the Bay Area, or somewhere else like Los Angeles. So if yourself and 4 others from your majlis rent a car, you will each be subsidized $40, for a total of $200 which should practically cover the rental cost of the vehicle.
Regarding Atfal
Many have asked if it is okay to bring Atfal or children. Atfal will have their own separate Ijtema in July, Inshallah. So the dates of the Khuddam Ijtema (Sat & Sun)May 28-29 will be only for Khuddam.
Inshallah, Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya USA will have their own National Ijtema, dedicated solely towards Atfal and combined with National Atfal Rally at Baitur Rahman Mosque, Silver Spring, MD from July 13th through 17th, 2016. Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya National Amila has been requesting Sadr MKA USA for a separate Atfal Ijtema for past few years. The National Amila strongly believes that by allowing a separate Ijtema for Atfal:
  1. Atfal would not be competing with Khuddam against the same resources, and therefore will have entire Ijtema site dedicated solely towards their needs.
  2. Atfal will the opportunity to shine with their own programs and activities.
  3. Since this will be an Atfal-only National Ijtema, we will be able to create an Atfal-friendly theme for the Ijtema
  4. Possible tours and extra-curricular activities for Atfal in the Greater DC Metro Area
Our team has made the decision that Atfal will not be permitted to attend the Khuddam National Ijtema being held in California out of concern for their safety. With an area of over 750,000 acres with hundreds of miles of trails at Yosemite National Park, it requires extreme caution and care when visiting any area of the park. Some additional concerns which led to our decision are:
  • In a large gathering such as Ijtema, it is hard to monitor and control Atfal regardless of volunteer strength or numbers of chaperons.
  • Many canyons and trails are extremely dangerous for Atfal.
  • Weather could be extreme with a possibility of temperature going below freezing at night. Also the weather can be extremely unpredictable.
  • Wildlife, including bears are some of the reasons we do not feel comfortable having Atfal in the park.
Yosemite is a National Park, and a public space. So while there cannot be Atfal at the Khuddam Ijtema, you are permitted to bring your families or children on May 30thand on. However you will have to make your own full arrangements for them. Yosemite is a dangerous place for children without experience due to loose rocks, cliffs, and rivers.  While daytime weather in May is mild, the temperature at night can approach freezing. Due to El Nino, weather this year such as heavy rain is more likely than usual. If you chose to bring your own child to Yosemite you should be keenly aware and take full personal responsibility for them.
Book Your Airfare Now
Please start booking your tickets now and making your rental car reservations. Our final registration link will be sent out in the upcoming weeks so that we can gather all of your details. We look forward to seeing you at the National Ijtema in California!
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