Pearls of Wisdom

Following Hadith taken from “Gardens of the Righteous” :

A companion related: We were with the Holy Prophet (saw) in a campaign.  We came to a shady tree and we left it for him to rest under.  A pagan came and seeing the sword of the Holy Prophet (saw) which was hanging from the tree, drew it, and said to him:  Do you fear me?  He answered: No.  Then the man asked:  Now who will deliver you from me?  The Holy Prophet (saw) answered:  Allah.  Thereupon the sword fell from the man’s hand and the Holy Prophet (saw) having secured it asked him: Who will now deliver you from me?  The man said: Be a good captor.  The Holy Prophet (saw) asked him: Will you affirm that there is no one worthy of worship save Allah and that I am His Messenger?  The man said: No.  But I promise you that I will not fight against you, nor will I join those who do so.  The Holy Prophet (saw) let him go free.  He went back to his people and told them: I have come back to you from one who is the best of mankind.

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