Pearls of Wisdom

Following Hadith taken from “Gardens of the Righteous” :
The Holy Prophet (saws) said:  A strong believer is better and more loved by Allah than a weak one.  Out of all good things, desire that which is most beneficial for you.  Keep imploring Allah for help and do not give up.  Should you be afflicted in any way, do not say: Had I only done this and that, things would have turned out so and so; but say only: Allah so determined and did as He willed.  The phrase: Had I only, opens the gates of evil conduct (Muslim)
The Holy Prophet (saws) said: 3 accompany a dead body: members of his family, his belongings, and his deeds.  2 of them come away and 1 remains.  The members of his family and his belongings come away, his deeds remain (Bokhari and Muslim)
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