Pearls of Wisdom – Month of Ramadan

Following Hadith taken from “Gardens of the Righteous” :

The Holy Prophet (Saws) related: An individual from a people before you having killed as many as 99 people inquired who was the most learned person on earth.  He was directed to a monk.  He went to the monk and said: I have killed 99 people.  Is there any chance of repentance left for me? The monk answered: No.  Then he dispatched the monk also and completed a full century of victims.  Then he inquired again: Who is the most learned person on Earth? and was directed to a savant, to whom he said: I have killed 100 people.  Is there a chance of repentance left for me?  The savant said: Yes.  What can stand between you and repentance? Proceed to such and such a land.  In it there are people who worship God.  Join them in the worship of God and do not return to thine own land, for it is an evil place.  So he set out.  He had traversed only half the distance when he was overtaken by death, and a contention arose over him between the angels of mercy and the angels of torment.  The angels of mercy pleaded that he had come a penitent turning towards God; and the angels of torment contended that he had never done a good deed.  Then there arrived an angel in human form and directed them: Measure the distance between the two lands.  To whichever he is closer to that one he belongs.  So they carried out the measurement and he was found to be closer to the land whither he was bound.  The angels of mercy thus took charge of him (Bokhari and Muslim).

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