• What if I don’t have a Passport yet, can I still apply?

Yes, you can register for the event – Your Passport information is needed for Markaz to issue the Sponsor Letter, so you need to apply for Passport with Urgent processing.


  • I am an Indian Citizen and/or do not need a Visa. What process I need to follow?

Even though you don’t need a Visa to travel to India, you still need to register for the Event and pay Logistical Expenses of $350. However, your ticket and duration of the stay is not constrained like other applicants. Though, you would still need to arrive on same/similar time as rest of the members


  • Can the dates change for this trip?

No, these dates of March 21-28, 2020 are final as per communicated by Qadian Jamaat


  • I am finding a cheaper flight so can I book my own ticket?

No, you cannot – even if you are getting a much cheaper flight. MKA USA is working with airlines to get best group fare for all members. You must purchase your ticket through MKA USA and our designated travel agency. In certain cases exception can be made but would require prior approval where criterion for such request must meet the guidelines and arrival and departure schedule in India. Such request must be approved in advance. 


  • Why am I given an estimated cost for this trip and not actual cost, and could this cost increase?

The airfare cost is given as an estimate since Ticket prices will vary based on your originating airport or hub – MKA USA does not recommend that we buy tickets without securing the Visas first and that process may take some time. Refundable fares are usually 2 to 3 times higher than normal fares and are not advised due to the increased cost. Total cost is estimate and prices are not guaranteed hence ticket fares can go higher or lower at the time of purchase. Total estimated cost also includes some unforeseen expenses. If total expenses incurred are less than anticipated than a refund of the difference will be issued after the trip.


  • On my return from India, can I go to another country (Pakistan or UK etc.) rather than coming back to my departure city in the US?

Yes, you can but you need to seek prior approval by emailing us – as well as you are responsible for paying any extra cost associated with this travel arrangement. However, your arrival and departure from New Delhi must sync with the group. 


  • I am dual Citizen of US and Pakistan. What Passport should I apply the Visa on?

As detailed out in the Eligibility Section, per Embassy requirement if you hold valid Pakistani passport, you must apply on that. There is no exception to this rule. However, you must travel with both Passports as your US Passport is your key to getting back to the States. Again, see “ELIGIBILITY & WHO CAN APPLY” Section on this page for more details.


  • I hold or held Bangladeshi Citizenship which was East Pakistan before 1971. Should I answer YES to question about if I, my parents or grandparents ever held Pakistani Citizenship or Passport?

Since before 1971, the country was still Pakistan so yes, if you, your parents or grandparents ever held the citizenship of then East Pakistan then you should answer Yes. As at the time of Visa Application, you will need to fill out extra forms. more guidance on the application will come late on. 


  • What will be my port of entry?

You must fly into New Delhi airport with the group. You cannot travel to Pakistan first and cross the border by road or fly to another airport in India. It is also important to note that in most cases, per Indian government regulation your Port of Entry and Exit in India must be same (as also written on your Visa) – As per this trip requirement you must fly into New Delhi Airport so on your way back, you cannot cross Wahga border by foot to go to Pakistan but would rather have to find a flight out of New Delhi to Pakistan. 


  • Is there any additional document that I need to submit to MKA USA or Jamaat?

Yes, once you get you visa, you need to provide scanned copy of your Passport bio-metric page, your Indian Visa and a passport size color picture. You would need to email those to qadian2020@mkausa.org


  • I made a mistake on my Registration Form. What should I do?

You should immediately contact us by emailing at qadian2020@mkausa.org.

After each submission, applicants will receive a copy of their submitted responses. It is responsibility of the applicant to go over submitted responses and send us any correction. Applications with incorrect and incomplete information will be rejected. 


  • I am a Tifl 7-12 Years old. My father cannot accompany me so can my uncle be my guardian for this trip?

No, any Tifl from ages 7-12 must be accompanied by their father or legal guardian. Children under the age of 7 are not eligible to apply and travel even with the accompanying father.


  • Can Ansaar (انصار) register for the event? Also, what If I want to accompany my son who is a Tifl over 13 years old or is a Khadim, in that case can I register and travel with him? 

The answer is No – This event is only opened to Khuddam and Atfal. If you are Nasir and your son is a Khadim or Tifl over 13 years old, unfortunately, you cannot register. The exception for a Nasir to travel is only made if he is accompanying his Tifl son from ages 7-12


  • After I apply for Visa, can I get my passport back as I am travelling out of Country?

** UPDATE – 2019-10-10** – Unfortunately Not. We found out from Embassy in first of week of October 2019 that once applicant submits Passport, they cannot withdraw it unless they are withdrawing the application as well. This is contrary to what was answered here before. We are anticipating that applicants apply by Mid-November 2019. Embassy holds Passport for about 1.5-2 months for the processing so if you are travelling during Christmas break or within that period, please reach out to us. We may suggest you to apply after you come back from your trip (sometime by Mid January 2020)


  • Where can I find sample for Parental Consent Form for Minors?

Details Sent via Approval Email


  • I have family members in Qadian or in the cities we are visiting. Can I visit them on this trip?

Since you are travelling as a group, the answer is No. You must stay with your group all times. However, case by case permission can be granted with the permission of hosting Qadian Jamaat.


Any questions, contact our team at qadian2020@mkausa.org or Mirza Nabeel Ahmed at nabeel.ahmed@mkausa.org / 920.267.6022 / Telegram: @nabeeloshkosh