Please carefully read all information and terms here…

  • MKA USA with collaboration of USA Jamaat have worked out Visa logistics and process with the Indian Embassy for Ahmadi’s applying
  • For more details on who can apply, check the “ELIGIBILITY & WHO CAN APPLY” section on this page.In short, citizens of any country legally residing in the US can apply for Visa. Even Pakistani Passport holders residing in the US can apply and get the Visit Visa. However, anyone with a Valid Pakistani passport must apply on their Pakistani Passport – even if the applicant holds Dual US and Pakistani Citizenship.
  • Once Khuddam and Atfal signup for the event and pay the Registration fee, and the application is reviewed and approved, Markaz will issue Sponsor Letter and other supporting documents.
  • Khuddam and Atfal will then need to apply online on their own for Indian Visa with the supporting documents. MKA USA will guide applicants with the process and more details will be shared here; Coming Soon
  • Applicants of Pakistani Origin have extra paperwork to fill out along with some additional documentation that they need to provide.
  • Upon Receiving the Invitation Letter, Applicants should apply for Visa right away. The visa process can take up to 3 months.
  • Visa Cost will vary based on the Citizenship but for US Citizens it’s about $160. The visa fees are non-refundable and are applicant’s own responsibility. For more visa related questions, you can directly check these links;

  • Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya USA is not responsible for any money lost due to Visa Rejection, Trip Interruption or for any reason not listed here.
  • By agreeing to all terms and conditions of this trip, you acknowledge that any assistance by US Jamaat and MKA USA to get the Indian Visa is for this Qadian 2020 Trip only. You can only travel to India with the group if approved by the committee and will not make your own separate plans to travel to India
  • In some cases, if Vaccination is required, please note that those vaccination charges are the responsibility of the person applying. please get further medical advice from your primary care doctor regarding your trip
  • Travel Health Insurance is also recommended. Majlis Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya USA does not recommend one agency over other. Please do your own homework