Report of 2nd Ijtema at Marshall Islands


Ijtema Report for Republic of Marshall Islands

December 11 – 12, 2015

Report prepared by Imam Feroz Ahmad Hundal


Alhamdolillah, with the grace of Allah the Almighty, Jama’at Ahmadiyya

Marshall Islands was able to hold its 2nd Annual Local Ijtema from December 11 – 12,

2015! The Ijtema began with the Maghrib and Isha prayers at Baet-ul-Ahad Mosque. After

the prayers, opening session was presided by Imam Matiullah Joyia. He was joined at the

head table with Qaid Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Joland Kaios, Sadr Sahib Marshall

Islands, Sam Nena, and Imam Feroz Ahmad Hundal! The opening session began around

7:30PM with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Joland Kaios. Followed by the Pledge

of Khuddam by Imam Feroz Ahmad Hundal. After which Imam Matiullah Joyia made

an opening speech in regards to the expectations we have for the ijtema. The opening

session was concluded with silent prayers by Sam Nena. Attendance for the opening

session was 30 Atfal & 15 Khuddam!


After the conclusion of the opening session, the educational competitions began

for both the Khuddam and Atfal in separate areas. Tilawat, Azan, and Message Relay

were the educational competitions which the participants took part in. Alhamdolillah, a

great number of Atfal & Khuddam participated in each competition. After the

educational competitions, dinner was served around 9:15PM. After dinner, Arm

Wrestling competition was held for both Atfal & Khuddam. The first day concluded at

The next morning, the day began with Fajr prayer at 5:45AM! On this day, the

sports competitions were held, which began around 10:00AM. Sports competitions were

inclusive of Basketball, Volleyball, 100m Race, and Swimming for both Atfal & Khuddam.

Lunch and prayer break was made around 2:00PM. Sports competitions continued

afterwards and concluded around 6:00PM.


All the participants enjoyed both the Educational & Sports Competitions, and had

a very good time! Approximately 40 Atfal and 15 Khuddam participated in the ijtema!

May Allah the Almighty bless all the participants of Ijtema and all are rejuvenated with

the spirit of Islam & Ahmadiyyat! Insha’allah!

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