Student – Athlete Spotlight: Humayun Ahmed

Humayun Ahmed
is Sehet-e-Jismani’s first Student-Athlete Spotlight

A dedicated, 21 year-old Khad1917768_1197562752326_2125728_nim from Austin, TX, Humayun enjoys playing soccer recreation-ally and competitively, having earned his way into the Varsity soccer team when he was in high school. As both a successful student and devoted athlete, Humayun urges Khuddam to be determined toward their goals: “Work hard in what you are good at, even if you lose games it’s the effort that really counts.” Following his own advice, he began playing soccer in 8th grade and remained dedicated to the sport until high school, where he was awarded the Varsity Letter Award as a sophomore and junior. Humayun promises to continue playing this sport with friends for the rest of his life and encourages his fellow aspiring student-athletes to “go out there and play your heart out.”


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