MKA FIT – Student Athlete Spotlight: Kaashif Qaderi
MKA Pic 1 - Kaashif QA true student-athlete is one who wants to excel both in the classroom and on the field or court” proclaims Saiyed Kaashif Qaderi, Sehet-e-Jismani’s Student-Athlete Spotlight. A passionate, Khadim from Lisle, IL, Kaashif was a prolific student and a hard-working athlete in high school, training competitively until he fought his way into the Junior Varsity basketball team despite the fact that his peers thought he would not make the team. Off the court, Kaashif joined the Debate Team and also became a writing tutor to help other students succeed. Interestingly, Kaashif proposes that being an athlete can help you “physically and mentally” as a student by helping create extra “positive energy” to allow you to concentrate and study. Kaashif’s most impressive attributes, however, are his resiliency, his optimism, and his gratefulness to Allah. He relates, “During track season, I believe I wore my knee down running hurdles. And as a result, just prior to my junior year, I tore my meniscus and had knee surgery. I was devastated because it was my dream to play varsity basketball. I knew I couldn’t feel sorry for myself, therefore I continued to work hard in school with the thought process of getting into a good university. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, I was able to fulfill my goals.” May Kaashif’s inspirational story motivate all of us to keep moving forward.  Ameen!
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