Student-Athlete Spotlight: Musa Anwar

photoMusa Anwar is Sehet-e-Jismani’s Student-Athlete Spotlight.

Musa is a 21 year-old Khadim from Silver Spring, MD, and has proven himself to be a talented baller on the court. After being cut  from the basketball team his first two years, he ultimately earned his spot on the Varsity Team during his senior year in high school. Musa explains that being a part of Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya “was always a huge drive and factor in [his] pursuit of elevating [his] game”  because he would always look forward to competing in MIST, the Masroor International Sports Tournament, when he was young. As a  result, these experiences helped him understand the importance of “perseverance and commitment” toward achieving one’s goals, and  eventually, he worked his way to receive the Varsity Letter in Basketball. Finally, Musa urges to his fellow Khadim and his fellow student-    athletes that, when you have a goal, “Commit to it. Don’t be afraid of giving something your 100% effort even if it doesn’t seem like the “in”      or “cool” thing to do.” Hopefully, we can all follow Musa’s advice and strive to accomplish our goals.

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