Student Athlete Spotlight – Toseef Chaudhry

 555048_10151327345801299_1722602396_nMKA FIT’s – STUDENT ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Toseef Chaudhry

Sehat-e-Jismani’s next Student-Athlete Spotlight is Toseef Chaudhry. A thriving football star and student from Laurel, MD, Toseef began as a novice player and trained ferociously to eventually become a perennial starter and leader in his high school football team. According to Toseef, his demeanor and play-style on the field was influenced by his connection with the Jama’at: “The Qur’an discusses brotherhood and striving and vying with one another in good works. These teachings have inspired me and I… try to inculcate them into my sports activities.” By implementing these teachings during the game, Toseef earned the Senior Award for being the best player on and off the field while maintaining his position on the honor roll all throughout high school. Since then, our young Khadim has entered college and has joined his collegiate football team, describing this new trial as a transition from “complete stress to extreme joy.” Drawing from these experiences, Toseef urges young Atfal and anyone aspiring to be a student-athlete to “put all of your effort into it. You only get out what you put in. If it means you have to get up at 5 a.m. to run, stay an extra hour after practice, or cut out all junk food (something I have trouble with!), then do it.” By the Grace of Allah, may Toseef’s motivating advice help all young Atfal and Khuddam strive toward their goals.

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