Tarbiyyat Extracts – 9/11/15 Friday Sermon

The following are Tarbiyyat Points from Friday Sermon 9/11/15:

Faith is to dedicate oneself solely to God and to act upon His commandments. Islam implies understanding all commandments and while saving oneself from every kind of evil, also be the source of spreading security for others. This is the essence of Faith and Islam. If the Islamic world understood these two principles, we would see such magnificent scenes of lasting peace and the spreading of security as could create Heaven on Earth.

In Kababir we have a small mosque and our missionary from there writes that a little while back a Jewish teacher was visiting and was introducing the Jama’at to the children in front of our mosque. Very likely that the teacher also knew Arabic. It is written on the entrance of our mosque:  [3:96] whoso enters it, enters peace.  The teacher was reading and translating the Arabic and telling the children that this means that one who enters this abode will enter the abode of peace. The teacher said to the children that these words are said by all Muslims and are found in the Holy Quran and are repeated by all but he said to the children that you should know that the true meaning, the practical meaning of these words you will only be able to find inside the Ahmadi mosques.

In a particular village, an elder testified one day that a new spirit was instilled within him after accepting Islam Ahmadiyyat and that when it is time to offer prayer my body tells me that it is time to offer prayer. So such a wonderful change has happened in me that when it is time to pray I get up and offer prayer and my soul and body are afforded peace and contentment in this way. So those among us who are lazy in the offering of salat should remember that the new entrants into Islam Ahmadiyyat have such a wonderful attention to the worship of Allah and offer their prayers with great attention and care.

Our missionary from Burkina Faso says that they went to a place where their tabligh [preaching] discussions went on into late part of the night. A gathering was told that our Jama’at is united on One hand. An individual said he saw a dream where he was told to donate only to a community where a proper financial system is present. He offered his donation. Many witnessed his dream come true. Over 200 individuals converted in this village

These were just few events out of thousands which help strengthen our faith. How God is opening hearts all across the world and how He makes the people speak in our favor from all parts of the world.

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