Tarbiyyat Extracts from 7/18/14 Friday Sermon:”The Merciful and Forgiving God”

This is the very message which is saying to the people that hopelessness is a sin… But hopelessness and failures cannot approach the one who comes under the Mercy of Allah, the Exalted…
But, yes, it is true that because of committing excesses beyond the limit and then being obstinate, Allah says that you will receive punishment.

The Holy Prophet (sa) said that there was a person who had committed 99 murders and then he started out to ask about repentance. He came upon a monk and asked him whether he could now repent? This monk said no, there is now no way to repentance. This man killed him also.  He kept asking about this after that as to whether repentance can be achieved or not even after all these things and a man told him to go to a certain place. But as he was going there he died and before breathing his last, and as he fell, he turned his chest towards the direction of this place he was heading towards.  The angels of mercy and the angels of punishment arrived and started to dispute about the fate of this man. Allah, the Exalted, ordered the place he was travelling towards to draw near to him and ordered the place from which he was travelling away to become distant from him and then ordered the angels to measure the distances to both these places from where the man had died. And it turned out that the man had died just a tiny distance closer to the place towards which he was travelling to…So Allah, the Exalted, forgave him for this reason…

And it is expected from a true believer that he should not look casually at the messages from God and from the Prophet of God. Rather, when they hear, there should develop in their hearts an urge to make these messages a part of their lives.

The Promised Messiah (as) goes on to say:  “…It should be borne in mind that there are three conditions for repentance, without fulfillment of which true repentance is not achieved…The first condition for repentance is that evil thoughts and fancies should be discarded.  For instance, if a person has an illicit relationship with a woman and desires to repent, it is necessary that he should conceive of her as ugly and should call to mind all her low qualities…The second condition is remorse. Everyone’s conscience admonishes him over every evil, but an unfortunate person leaves his conscience suspended…The third condition is a firm resolve that he will not revert to those vices.”

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