Local Majlis will meet at least once a month for General Meeting per MKA Constitution rule 23 (c).


The General Meeting Agenda remains the same throughout the year with the following format. There is some flexibility in the agenda to add more things as needed. Feel free to combine general meetings with other fun activities like bowling, sports, etc.

1. Tilawat (required)
2. Pledge (required)
3. Poem (optional)
4. Taleem presentation/topic discussion
5. Tarbiyat presentation/topic discussion
6. Health Tip/Video
7. Updates about local MKA activities and plan for upcoming activities
8. Open discussion/ Q/A

9. Dua (Required)

Please count the Khuddam attending the meeting for monthly report. Also take a few pictures for records and sharing on Twitter from Majlis official account.

Local/Regional/National Ijtemaat count as general meeting.


Ijtema Syllabus:

NEW: 2020 Khuddam Ijtema Taleem Syllabus

Taleem/Educational Competitions Judging Sheets

January 2021

Taleem Quiz

Sunnah of Physical Health: https://youtu.be/xKkIfV5I7qY

Taleem Presentation: The Prophet as a Family Man

Tarbiyyat Presentation: Sunnah of Physical Health

Additional Tarbiyyat Presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i4evILt1h8IEYU8Pw6aOK5R3FB2Zy_rp/view?usp=sharing

December 2020

December 2020 Taleem Slides_The Prophet’s (sa) Worship

Introduction to Additional Tarbiyyat Department

Sehat e Jismani New Years Resolution: https://youtu.be/SlgdcMX7DOU

Taleem Quiz: https://forms.gle/E6JMDSms3bbU39gb6

Tarbiyyat Presentation The Holy Prophet as a Family Man

MKA Chanda budget: https://chanda.mkausa.org/budget


November 2020

The Prophet’sﷺ Worship Tarbiyyat Presentation

October 2020

MKA USA Approved National Amila 2020-21 – Share with khuddam

Taleem: The Battle of the Ditch.  Also complete Open Taleem Quizzes

Tarbiyyat: Discuss some of it: “The most perfect man in his faith among the believers is the one whose behaviour is most excellent; and the best of you are those who are the best to their wives.” -Muhammad (sa).

#MKATALKS – The Ideal Gentleman

Sehat e Jismani: MKA USA Fitness Challenge

In the month of October 2020, the Sehat-e-Jismani Department is holding a fitness challenge on the Strava app. Any khadim who can run and record more than 40 miles on the Strava app in the MKA USA group during this month will be rewarded with a MKA USA branded limited shirt. The top finisher will be rewarded with an exclusive MKA USA track suit.

You do not need to purchase anything for this, just download the Strava app, create an account (do not pay for a subscription), and follow the link to the MKA USA group:


September 2020

Taleem:    KHATAM-E-NABUWWAT  Also complete Open Taleem Quizzes

Tarbiyyat: Use any previous topics from below.

August 2020

Session with Abid Khan Sahib on August 1st is considered as National General Meeting.

Taleem:  Complete the open Taleeem Quizzes. Promot National Taleem Competitions. Entries are due by 11:59pm on Thursday of every week for competitions listed below. Details here: http://bit.ly/mkausataleem

Tilawat – Week 1
Nazm – Week 2
Speech – Week 3
Qaseedah – Week 4

Tarbiyyat: Use any previous topics from below.

July 2020

Taleem:  Justice and Punishment     Also complete Open Taleem Quizzes

Tarbiyyat: Use any previous topics from below.

June 2020

Read and discuss Hazoor Anwar’s (aba) 13 points that were sent recently about racial justice. Talk about what your Majlis is doing, focus on Khidmat e Khalq activities including #SupremeJustice food drives and Jamaat’s letter writing campaign to send 10,000 letters to policy and law makers.

Taleem:  Noah’s Ark    Also complete Taleem Quizzes which are currently Open

Tarbiyyat: Use any Previous Month slides or show any video from the “Philosophy of Salat” series.

May 2020

Taleem:  Etiquette of Fasting     Also complete Taleem Quizzes 10 & 11

Tarbiyyat: “The Philosophy of Salat” videos by Murrabi Rizwan Khan Sahib during Ramadhan. It is a series of videos to help perfect our Salat and understand its subtleties.  Some are listed here and any topic can be discussed during the meeting. More on YouTube:

Complete Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTdJtX0oodO6UMTeAVUQS0vsCxeWMfnRE

Allah is the Greatest – Salat Commentary 01

Raising our Hands and Turning our Attention to Allah – Salat Commentary 02

April 2020

Videos from MKA Connects Online sessions are available in a playlist on YouTube in MKA account:

March 2020

Taleem: MKA Organization Structure

Tarbiyyat: Habits and Addiction

February 2020

Taleem: “Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – The Perfect Man – Episode 7”

Tarbiyyat: Importance of Salat

January 2020

Taleem: “Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – The Perfect Man – Episode 5”

Tarbiyyat: Video: Our Teaching – Introduction by Mohtamim Tarbiyyat Sahib

Presentation for MKA HQ project overview and fundraising during Khuddam/Atfal General Meetings and New Year Sleepover program – It also has a video message from Sadr Sahib.
PPT (Has speaker notes):

December 2019

Taleem: “Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – The Perfect Man – Episode 3”

Tarbiyyat: Use any previous topic

November 2019

Taleem: “Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – The Perfect Man

Tarbiyyat: Use any previous topic

October 2019

Taleem: Performing Hajj as an Ahmadi

Tarbiyyat: Prayers are the key to Bliss and Fortune

September 2019

Taleem: The Will (Wasiyyat)

Tarbiyyat: Self Reformation; Breaking Bad Habits

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month: Use any previous month topic

August 2019

Taleem: Jihad Bil Qalam

Tarbiyyat: Social Media Impact on Mental Health

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month: Use any previous month topic


JULY 2019

Taleem: Use any previous month topic

Tarbiyyat: Importance and Blessings of System of Wassiyat (The Will)

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month: Use any previous month topic

JUNE 2019

Taleem: 3 Excuses for Combining Prayers

Tarbiyyat: Importance of Salat

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month: Use previous month topic.

MAY 2019

Taleem: I’tekaf

Tarbiyyat: Anger Management and Forgiveness

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month: How to get fit in Ramadan

APRIL 2019

Taleem: Friday Prayer

Tarbiyyat: Importance of obedience to Nizam e Jama’at

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month: Marijuana

MARCH  2019

MKA USA Tahir Hospital Fundraising Slides

Taleem: Prayer

Tarbiyyat: Obedience to Khilafat


Taleem Slides: Importance of Prayer

Tarbiyyat Slides: Conditions of Bai’at & our Responsibilities

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month – Running


Taleem Slides: Salat

Tarbiyyat Slides: Vain Pursuits – Video Games

Video by Imam Rizwan Khan Sahib (20 min): Video Games – Our Own Skinner Box

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month –Health effects of Video Games


Taleem Slides: Jumu’ah

Tarbiyyat Slides: Khuddam Chanda_Understanding the purpose and our obligation

Sehat e Jismani Health Tip of the Month – Health and Technology

2018 Shura Recommendation Highlights – Has speaker notes


Taleem Slides: Sikhism

Tarbiyyat Slides: Use any previous month slide


Tarbiyyat Slides: Social Media Impact on Mental Health [Speaker Notes are included]

Taleem Slides: Atheism – Part 2

Jeopardy Game: Tehrik-e-Jadid – A Divine Scheme


Tarbiyyat Slides: Khilafat – Building a Relationship

Taleem Slides: Atheism – Part 1


Tarbiyyat Slides: Use any previous month slide

Taleem Slides: Mormonism

JULY 2018

Tarbiyyat Slides: Conditions of Bai’at

Taleem Slides: The Baha’i Faith

To Discuss:

The 10 Conditions of Bai’at

Conditions of Bai’at & Responsibilities of an Ahmadi by Khalifatul Masih V (aba)

JUNE 2018

Tarbiyyat Slides: Waqar-e-Amal – Dignity of Labor

Taleem Slides: Noah’s Ark – An invitation to Faith

Read or Listen to Noah’s Ark by the Promised Messiah (as):

English PDF: https://www.alislam.org/library/books/Noahs-Ark-Kashti-Nuh.pdf
Urdu PDF: https://www.alislam.org/urdu/pdf/Kahsti-Nooh.pdf
English Audio: https://www.alislam.org/library/audio-book/noahs-ark/
Urdu Audio: https://www.alislam.org/v/9236.html

MAY 2018

Tarbiyyat Slides: Salat

Taleem Slides: Khalifa’s Love for the Jama’at and our Responsibilities

APRIL 2018

Tarbiyyat Slides: Habits and Addictions

Taleem Slides: The Will

Taleem Videos:

MARCH 2018

Tarbiyyat Slides: Drugs and Alcohol

Taleem Slides: The Promised Messiah (as)


Tarbiyyat Slides: Perils of Pornography

Taleem Slides: Fazl-e-Umar

Jeopardy Game: Tehrik-e-Jadid Jeopardy


Tarbiyyat Slides: Dating

Taleem Slides: Khatam-e-Nabuwwat


Tarbiyyat Slides: Depression

Taleem Slides: Waqf-e-Jadid